Heal. Live. Thrive.

Reclaim your health and happiness. Cultivate your gifts and a strong inner guidance. 

Be a part of an empowered conscious community of health enthusiasts.

"Dr. Jaena has assisted me in becoming pain free in my body, releasing old and outdated limitations in my mind, and providing my spirit with the encouragement it needed to soar!"

-Deborah A. Murphy/author of Evolving with Adaptability


"I am happier, calmer, healthier and stronger. I was ready for change and Dr. Jaena and the Simple Balance Staff have allowed me to grow into my purpose."

-Delores Howard, Elgin, IL

"Simple Balance has exceeded my expectations as I continue to witness the beautiful Miracles all around and feel called to shine much brighter."

-Tania Pearce, Elgin, IL